Bottomless NYC

Starting off refined with all the machine-pressed coffees, bottled water and juice you can drink in the lounge at Toronto City Airport and ending sloppily with the bottomless actually glass glass of wine on the barely 1.5 hour flight to Newark, flying with Porter to New York City is possibly one of the classiest things you can expect to do in your entire lifetime, you ignorant slut. With a pre-flight and onboard service seemingly curated by some Monocle-obsessed commercial designer, the 26-plane, multiple destination airline comes highly recommended by this mooch in particular. The US has at least one thing right over Canada – drink specials. Almost immediately upon getting through customs does the bottomless theme start to get going. And by that I mean they said no, you don’t have to take your boots and pants off, miss. Just the boots. 

Here are some things it’s hard to get enough of in New York.

Eat, in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, combines artisans shoppe with accessible healthy food, offering a daily-changing menu of dishes composed of completely organic, independently-sourced ingredients served alongside handmade pottery. A filling brunch of egg and mushroom frittata with house-baked biscuit and baby kale salad was the perfectly wholesome sponge for all the beerz to come.


Lunchbox on Norman Greenpoint is the spot you wish you lived and worked beside so you could eat every meal there. And by every meal I mean every sandwich. They offer delivery too so you don’t even have to put your pants on if you are working hard! The biggest pickles in the city are a meal in themselves – grab a knife and fork and share with somebody you love.

No trip to NYC will be complete again without a never-ending pastrami on rye from Katz’s Delicatessen on East Houston. No matter how much you think you’ve made a dent in it, you’re not done until they take your meal ticket away.


Add “bottomless” Bloody Marys with brunch in Williamsburg or $2 beers “happy hour” 
on the Lower East Side – two bargains sadly missed in Toronto –  to keep from finding the bottom of your wallet faster.


Stuff really tastes better when it’s like, practically free.


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