From the bottom of our cream-filled eggs

Suspiciously photoshopped-looking.

Leave it to the Germans to over-do Easter, but somewhere off in the Deutsche countryside right now, a bunch of children are really confused about why they can’t have any of the eggs hanging from the most famous Easter tree in the world. Do not touch ze eggs kinder! They are painstakingly and meticulously hand-painted real blown eggs collected over the years by The Couple That Most Makes Us Want To Cry Because They Resemble the Elderly Folks From the Movie “Up”, Volker and Christa Kraft!

Volker gets up on that ladder every year, bless his soul.

There is only one way to preserve these eggies forevs and that is to blow the entire white and yolk of the egg out through a tiny hole in the bottom of the shell – and let us tell you it is not a lady-like procedure. (We’d show you the pictures but at least one of us still has political aspirations.)

Photos via AP. Frohe Ostern everybody!


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