It’s Never Too Late

I’m not exaggerating when I say that nothing tastes better than the meal enjoyed after a night of boozing. It’s nothing to be ashamed of; the devouring of whatever street food you can find outside your neighborhood watering hole at 3 am should be considered the most important meal of the day. Not only does it absorb the copious amounts of alcohol you surely consumed, but it wraps up the evening nicely with some inevitable sharing of raw emotions and overly audible epiphanies such as “THIS IS THE BEST BURRITO I’VE EVER HAD.” It’s true, that slice of pizza or chicken burrito have acted as the life blood for you to continue the journey home in the wee hours. Even though food like pizza and street meat are all well and delicious (so so delicious), a potential qualm with the late-night food situation is that it lacks variety.

Truthfully, I’d settle for anything remotely edible at that point in the night, but my mind was blown to drunken bits after discovering White Guy Pad Thai outside of Bar Stella in Silverlake.



Not only was it delectably crafted pad thai with noodles, vegetables, eggs and tofu but it was whipped up in a giant wok right outside the bar. The solo chef (I may have been too drunk and excited for nourishment to remember his name) masterfully fries up your choice of tofu or chicken (free range, nonetheless) pad thai in what I can roughly describe as a street-side hot plate. Made to order, steaming hot and served in a paper boat, it really does beat stopping at 7-11 on the walk home for Doritos. It’s just enough sustenance without making you feel like you ate your weight in carbs. With all the usual fixin’s you expect at a Thai restaurant, you can garnish your dish to suit your inebriated taste buds. But if you’re like me, you literally just sit down on the side of Sunset Blvd. and wolf down your meal, yelling “THIS IS THE BEST PAD THAI I’VE EVER HAD”.

No, seriously, I did that.



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