Oh, Canada…thanks for the gravy

There’s no question that living in the great state of California has exposed me to some of the finer things in life: the beautiful weather, gorgeous human specimens and the ability to buy booze at any local bodega. In addition, the States have a limitless array of food options and cater to absolutely every culture, craving and palate. With all these things considered, there are still gaping holes in my stomach and heart specifically designated for delicious Canadian poutine. We’ve emphasized the importance of perfecting the ratio of french fries, cheese and gravy (you can check out our favored combos here)…and that I still have not found one place in LA that has fulfilled this uncontrollable Canadian hunger for freakin’ poutine.

On my recent trip to the glorious Northern tundra (more commonly known as Honey Harbour, Ontario), I was lucky enough to spend the weekend with my parents and enjoy the fresh wilderness of Cottage Country. Now, anyone who lives away from their family for months at a time knows that you instantly turn into your 14-year-old self once you’re reunited with your parents; “Maaaamm, I need water! Do you have a Kleenex? Change the radio station, we’ve already heard this Shania Twain song a million times!” But the fabulous thing is, if your parents did in fact miss you then these whiney cries don’t go unheard. At some point I must have mumbled in the back seat that I wanted some fries (who doesn’t?) and instantly my mum chimed in with, “There’s a great poutine place up the road, they roast their own pork on a spit!” UHHH….COOL WITH THAT!

So our rural escapade continued to a place called Lucky’s Primitive Cooking…which, if you let your imagination go wild, is still exactly what you’re probably picturing. The little red trailer, decked out in patriotic accessories, specializing in roast pork (luckysprimitivecooking.com) is operated by a friendly Eastern European man and his wife whom are eager to chat with you about the upcoming Canada Day festivities in town. Ordering their poutine was a no-brainer and what the hell, let’s top it off with some pulled pork…”When in Canada”, right?

photo 2

Needless to say, the long deprivation of this meal was just about worth it. All components of this most precious dish were on point: just the right percentages of gravy and cheese, the fries were the ideal thickness and the pork was tender and flavorful. Sitting on a boat, drinking a Canadian beer, devouring pulled pork poutine and letting your parents do all the work for the weekend=perfect situation.

photo 4


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